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Common Records: Lovers Turn to Monsters • Sulka • Moonsoup

A night of music from Common Records and some of their fav bands in Glasgow- for the lolz and also cause It's Kyles Birthday on the 22nd. So why not have yer dinner and come watch some gid bands.

Lovers Turn to Monsters - Off the back of the Scottish Fiction released full band Lttm album "Still listening to the Paris Texas Soundtrack and thinking about wanting to die..." Lttm are still pushing their most recent bundle of songs tackling the lovely grand topics of growing old, mental health, family and what it means to be the best human you can be... Their guitarist and bass player are actually going to see KISS this night. So there will be some ringers roped in from kylelttms other project Grave Matthews!
FFO Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley

SULKA - On the brink of starting their own mighty collective Luk Milburn and his Sulka boys will be back at Bloc+ with their amazing sadboi bedroom pop vibez. in tow.

FFO Low red lighting, The feeling that you get when you look at abstract paintings, Summer ends vibes, my pal Gerard really likes them tae- he says they sound like Strange Ranger? I've no checked out Strange Ranger yet though... also Alex G

MOONSOUP - Straight fae the bonnie streets of Fawkurk- Niamh Baker brings her heartfelt solo project Moonsoup back for us in it's purest- solo form! I for one cannae wait to get too emotionally invested in her set like last time...
FFO "Tolbooth Street" in Falkirk, arguably the shortest street in Britain (but google has other thoughts), the train ride home after an amazing gig, pina coladas, rocket lettuce?

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