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Handpicked Presents: Windows Cassette Launch


It’s been a hot minute since we dropped our last tape, so we’re absolutely buzzing to get this one out into the world!

Our first cassette of 2019 comes to you courtesy of long time Handpicked collaborator Gradients - an Italian born, Glasgow based music producer who migrated to the city to pursue his creative interests in electronic music, hip hop and graphic design.

Visually and aurally designed by the man himself, the release resides within the lo-fi realm, incorporating 16-bit soundscapes with low-slung funk basslines, and is littered with Nintendo era nostalgia - Windows is a reminiscent journey traversing the electronic highways of a 56k modem, taking in the sights of the future while working within the confines of the past.

We’ll be launching the tape across all platforms in the coming weeks, with the first batch available direct from Bloc+ on Wednesday 12th June where we'll be celebrating the release with a selection of live, instrumental hip hop from a host of the Handpicked homies.