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Common Records Presents: Sulka EP Launch + Moonsoup + MOD


///Common records///

are ridiculously excited to be releasing the new EP from bedroom pop- legend and icon


Natured and nurtured through a mixture of ridiculously talented pals from Stirlings Death Collective to Glasgows Gold Mold Records- Luk Millburn has been spitting out bedroom banger after bedroom banger as Sulka since 2016.

Sounding like Elliot Smith being played through a broken tape deck in your step mum's spare room that one summer before you started college the new SULKA Haunted ep is EXACTLY what it needs to be!

Managing to find the balance between the comfortable spaces Sulka has created in their sound over their last few collections whilst also digging out new spaces and finding new places to explore within its lo-fi parameters. Electronics, Heavier lead lines, Pushing vocals further forward, And just being a big ol' bloody emotional gut punch.

The EP can be pre-ordered and be prepped for streaming over on Commons Bandcamp!

With lead single "By accidents" over here;


Support on the night comes from another ridiculously group of talented folks from Death Collective/Gold Mold crew;


We've been listening to the music of Niamh Baker for a year or so now; since Craig Ferrie of December 91' tried to convince her along to one of our house shows. She couldn't make it but we've had a close eye on her and her project Moonsoup since they started! They've a release coming up soon with our old pals at Olive Grove Records. So catch em quick before they're too hip and popular!

FFO Like a sharper, lo-fi Sufjan Stevens who doesn't think so much of himself all the time... If that makes sense, low key ukeleles, Falkirk High street, and having candles on in a dark room.

And opening the evening, a new project from some of Sulkas nearest and dearest;


not much is known about the mysterious MOD at time of publishing but expect more sleepy psyche pop vibes. Like Elvis Depressedly falling asleep whilst covering Teenage Fanclub.

And of course COMMON will be there hawking Common releases old and new at low low prices!!

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