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Nervus + Lana Wild

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Dammit Presents:


I'm super excited to be welcoming back Nervus to Glasgow! They are one of my favourite bands in the UK scene right now, blending Punk, Indie and Huge Catchy Choruses whilst tackling real personal, social and political issues in every one of their songs. I first heard of Nervus around Christmas 2016 when I stumbled upon their newly released first album on bandcamp. I was very drunk after a night of lagers and decided to buy the record. Then completely forgot about this whole incident and the band until a week later and a record turned up at my door. Turns out I made the right choice as the album was bloody fantastic and the rest is history. I'm a fan, you should be top.

Lana Wild

Lana is a wonderfully noisy singer songwriter from Edinburgh. Expect stories about the craziest year of her life woven through acoustic melodies thrashed out with a punk rock attitude. She is currently working on her debut recordings so come see her now before it's released and she becomes huge. Then you can say you seen her here first and all your mates will be super jealous.

FFO: Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers, The Gaslight Anthem + Grace Petrie.

October 2nd 2019
Free Entry