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The Mink Stoles


A rare and sensual trip through west for The Stink Moles, The Mink Stools, The Mink Soles or The Mink Stoles (depending who you ask) Now that Danimal has relocated to Weegieland, we thought we better pay him a visit, the mad wee badger, and play a gig while we're at it.

We will be showcasing some brand new material on an unsuspecting group of revellers: a veritable mix of style from Psyche Rock to 3-minute pop songs singing the usual tinfoil hat pish about mind control of the masses by the secret ruling elite. And a song about a forklift that doubles as an oven or something.

If you're still reading this pish, then you should definitely attend 'cause it'll braw. Also it's free, so you've no excuse.

Earlier Event: January 20
Bloc+Jam Open Mic
Later Event: January 23