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Vukovar ‡ Holly Hero ‡ Black Clyde and the Tube Disasters


Not only a live feature of masters-in-extremity Smell & Quim, Holly Hero is also responsible for producing and arranging the most transgressive and subversive S&Q record yet - Spaceshit - with its mires of derangement not coming from where would be expected. It is advisable to avoid research of the group on shared computers. 

Vukovar will perform THREE last shows before the First Death of the group. If there has ever been any inclination to pay witness, then these are the last chances to do so of the Shades-Incarnation. 

They are/were idealists, voyeurs and totalitarians. Formed in 2014, they have worked with an unusual cast of people, surreal in the reality, to create a jilted new/old 'pop music'. 

There is nothing more to be said.

Support from Black Clyde and the Tube Disasters

Later Event: September 27
Peachy Keen (club)