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Common Records Bundle#2 Launch: Decent Sweets + Nyla + adullboy

Hi y'all!

This coming June we'll finally be releasing the second NEW GEN Common Records bundle! Four EPS of our absoloute favs for the price of one! In hope to spread the word of four ace acts across to other audience platforms and all that! 

The bundles will all be handcrafted and feature brand new eps by Decent Sweets, Nyla, adullboy and ///LIGHTNING///PAPA///TAM///

3 of those 4 fantastic acts will also be playing the launch show. Which is nice! ///LIGHTNING///PAPA///TAM will be there tae. But probably just dishing out friendly advice...


A brand New project from members of Glasgows mighty country bumpkin freak folkers Neuro Trash
FFO Calvin Johnson, Stephin Merrit or reminiscing for the summer you came of age but then realising you're Scottish and it was probably pishing of rain and hell you probably didn't even come of age... probably remembering some hip 80s film if we're being honest.

Everybodies favourite fun sized, truth telling, ukelele wielding, comic book loving, anti-folk hero! is back! after crazy long hiatus to focus on furthering herself in the world of comics and of course her amazing project Joyce Delaney and we cannot wait to hear what she's been cooking up! Get ready for tears, and fingers crossed for some Common cameos.
FFO Waxahatchee, Crywank, Watercolour Paintings, Anti-folk stuff, saying you're not anti folk!, sad comics.

The return of Common Records favourite cynical poet. Bringing even more country tinges to the evening with more quick wit than you can shake a..... something at (I didn't say I was quick) 
FFO Loudon Wainwright, Withered Hand, laughing but then crying right after, conspiracy theories, haunted pianos.